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Code::Stats has plugins for various editors. If you wish to make one for your own favourite editor, you are free to check out the API documentation!

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You will be awarded with experience points for the amount of programming you do. Watch as your levels grow for each language you use. Identify your strong skill sets and use the data to see where you still have room for improvement.

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Show your personal statistics page to your friends and compare your progress with others. Maybe even have a competition! Or, if you wish, you can keep all your information private and enjoy it in secret.

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Total XP


Most popular languages

  1. PHP: 36,515,200 XP
  2. JavaScript: 26,970,891 XP
  3. Java: 13,727,468 XP
  4. Visual Basic .NET: 11,614,973 XP
  5. Python: 9,978,088 XP
  6. Plain text: 7,468,656 XP
  7. HTML: 6,679,890 XP
  8. SCSS: 5,920,894 XP
  9. JavaScript (JSX): 5,788,868 XP
  10. TypeScript: 5,194,069 XP

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