Code::Stats plugins

A note about the functionality of the plugins

The plugins work by listening to your editor's text changes and detecting the syntax used. If you are having problems with XP registering to the wrong language, you may need to install an appropriate language support package for your editor. Code::Stats relies on the editor to detect the proper language.

Note that at no point is any of your code sent to Code::Stats. Only the amounts of XP (roughly the amount of keystrokes) are sent. For further information, check the API documentation and the source code of the plugins.

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To install, use Atom's builtin package search to search for code-stats-atom and install the package. Then go to the package's settings page and insert the API key of the machine you want.

Link to the plugin on Atom's site.

JetBrains IDEs

To install, use the IDEs builtin package manager, click on "Browse repositories…" and search for Code::Stats. After installation, go to Settings -> Other Settings -> Code::Stats and insert your API key.

Link to the plugin on JetBrain's site.

Note: If the plugin fails to send XP, reporting C::S ERR!, hover over the status bar text to see the actual exception. If it complains of a PKIX error, you may need to install the DST Root CA X3 to the IDE's JRE's trust store manually. The command to do that goes roughly like this on OS X:

$ cd /Applications/<IDE>.app/Contents/jre/jdk/Contents/Home/jre
$ bin/keytool -import -alias 'DST Root CA X3' -keystore lib/security/cacerts -trustcacerts -file /path/to/dst_root_ca_x3.pem
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Sublime Text 3

To install, first setup Package Control and then use it to install package CodeStats. Then open the package settings and configure the API key.

Link to the plugin on Package Control's site.

Visual Studio Code

To install, use the editor's extension manager and search for Code::Stats. After installation, set the codestats.apikey setting to your API key.

Link to the plugin on the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Thanks to Juha Ristolainen for the VSCode extension.

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Other editors

If there is no plugin for your favourite editor, you can check out the API docs and implement one yourself. If you do, please let us know so we can add a link to it here!

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