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Level 80 (10,248,267 XP)

({x:[ [{l:"Terminal (Zsh)",c:"#43E3BC"},[ {x:"2023-05-23",y:2804} , {x:"2023-05-24",y:3761} , {x:"2023-05-25",y:2673} , {x:"2023-05-26",y:9089} , {x:"2023-05-27",y:2477} , {x:"2023-05-28",y:1406} , {x:"2023-05-29",y:1821} , ]], ] , f:[ {x:"2023-05-26", y:22}, ] })

Terminal (Zsh) level 53 (4,640,423 XP)

C++ level 27 (1,204,058 XP)

XML level 20 (640,465 XP)

Plain text level 19 (615,338 XP)

Markdown level 17 (490,374 XP)

PHP level 14 (331,054 XP)

reStructuredText level 14 (321,453 XP)

JavaScript level 12 (261,786 XP)

HTML level 12 (258,292 XP)

YAML level 10 (173,130 XP)


hugo-desktop level 73 (8,619,469 XP)

hugo-laptop level 30 (1,479,196 XP)

hugo-server level 9 (134,327 XP)

hugo-nas level 2 (7,712 XP)

hugo-mac-mini level 2 (7,563 XP)

Other languages

  • Shell Script level 9 (135,198 XP)
  • Python level 9 (132,054 XP)
  • Blade level 8 (117,340 XP)
  • JSON level 7 (97,758 XP)
  • Java level 7 (90,141 XP)
  • Vue level 7 (89,247 XP)
  • PostCSS level 6 (73,119 XP)
  • GLSL level 6 (69,186 XP)
  • SCSS level 6 (63,200 XP)
  • Twig level 5 (50,147 XP)

Total XP by day of year

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31
Jan 15k 23k 38k 32k 26k 22k 37k 26k 25k 23k 27k 18k 35k 25k 22k 31k 30k 26k 20k 24k 36k 24k 37k 31k 29k 32k 33k 41k 29k 36k 26k
Feb 27k 25k 21k 14k 21k 17k 29k 23k 31k 25k 18k 13k 17k 21k 30k 21k 19k 19k 18k 25k 28k 41k 32k 41k 38k 28k 25k 20k 10k
Mar 19k 27k 21k 29k 25k 21k 28k 12k 19k 22k 19k 12k 35k 35k 26k 19k 40k 44k 13k 23k 21k 39k 29k 21k 20k 36k 18k 16k 23k 33k 24k
Apr 12k 11k 14k 15k 16k 29k 22k 20k 29k 22k 36k 29k 28k 33k 29k 28k 22k 37k 42k 40k 35k 23k 17k 19k 25k 40k 20k 64k 23k 25k
May 17k 48k 37k 22k 22k 35k 32k 57k 24k 33k 21k 39k 40k 27k 41k 28k 54k 27k 39k 38k 33k 47k 36k 25k 28k 31k 35k 27k 23k 30k 25k
Jun 30k 22k 24k 21k 19k 32k 33k 41k 27k 50k 40k 38k 28k 29k 28k 27k 20k 28k 43k 24k 32k 41k 32k 36k 27k 41k 45k 26k 28k 14k
Jul 24k 23k 28k 21k 26k 15k 26k 27k 32k 28k 27k 24k 37k 23k 18k 27k 35k 34k 35k 32k 24k 21k 24k 29k 35k 17k 20k 28k 26k 13k 25k
Aug 27k 17k 21k 26k 28k 27k 17k 14k 22k 11k 21k 29k 19k 32k 19k 42k 21k 20k 22k 18k 27k 28k 34k 18k 20k 12k 15k 11k 21k 22k 20k
Sep 21k 18k 16k 20k 14k 39k 22k 8k 25k 20k 30k 27k 41k 19k 22k 28k 35k 17k 35k 26k 26k 25k 26k 32k 21k 16k 39k 30k 26k 24k
Oct 20k 38k 28k 28k 33k 32k 24k 20k 32k 24k 26k 28k 17k 36k 27k 23k 38k 26k 24k 31k 26k 24k 35k 48k 46k 39k 46k 33k 14k 14k 19k
Nov 19k 39k 25k 31k 22k 28k 33k 33k 31k 30k 28k 26k 41k 48k 34k 30k 32k 19k 27k 42k 31k 33k 35k 40k 19k 22k 28k 25k 33k 40k
Dec 64k 26k 49k 31k 35k 35k 38k 39k 27k 29k 26k 17k 23k 39k 27k 23k 39k 32k 29k 27k 25k 33k 23k 20k 10k 30k 23k 28k 21k 31k 21k

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4 h 27 m

Top flow languages


Terminal (Zsh)

1297 flows



597 flows



178 flows



170 flows



164 flows



149 flows



102 flows


Plain text

88 flows



79 flows



78 flows

Flow score means percentage of all XP for language acquired in flow state.

Most prolific hours of the day

({x:[ {h:"00",x:699165}, {h:"01",x:480927}, {h:"02",x:320509}, {h:"03",x:150762}, {h:"04",x:74982}, {h:"05",x:45478}, {h:"06",x:29604}, {h:"07",x:37353}, {h:"08",x:84534}, {h:"09",x:187565}, {h:"10",x:323570}, {h:"11",x:416381}, {h:"12",x:265623}, {h:"13",x:206713}, {h:"14",x:518999}, {h:"15",x:618848}, {h:"16",x:662675}, {h:"17",x:697519}, {h:"18",x:726343}, {h:"19",x:856397}, {h:"20",x:568760}, {h:"21",x:490003}, {h:"22",x:887260}, {h:"23",x:898297}, ] , f:[ {h:"00",m:4380}, {h:"01",m:3041}, {h:"02",m:2211}, {h:"03",m:940}, {h:"04",m:478}, {h:"05",m:247}, {h:"06",m:301}, {h:"07",m:294}, {h:"08",m:750}, {h:"09",m:1743}, {h:"10",m:3431}, {h:"11",m:4104}, {h:"12",m:1757}, {h:"13",m:1642}, {h:"14",m:4031}, {h:"15",m:5157}, {h:"16",m:5559}, {h:"17",m:5263}, {h:"18",m:5260}, {h:"19",m:5876}, {h:"20",m:3977}, {h:"21",m:2938}, {h:"22",m:6761}, {h:"23",m:5886}, ] })
A flow state is defined as a streak of programming, lasting for at least 20 minutes, with pauses that last at most 5 minutes, and gaining at least 10 XP per minute.