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Level 37 (2,213,037 XP)

Kotlin level 22 (843,705 XP)

Plain text level 14 (348,503 XP)

SQL (MySQL) level 13 (306,043 XP)

Rust level 13 (287,256 XP)

Go level 9 (137,362 XP)

Elixir level 7 (87,465 XP)

Java level 6 (60,918 XP)

Python level 5 (49,977 XP)

MariaDB level 3 (16,920 XP)

Terminal (Zsh) level 3 (14,493 XP)


Macbook Pro level 28 (1,333,563 XP)

Monster MPB 13in level 17 (468,100 XP)

Hoang Monster MBP level 15 (403,615 XP)

Monster MBP Sakai level 2 (7,708 XP)

M17xR3 level 0 (51 XP)

Other languages

  • Markdown level 2 (7,145 XP)
  • Bash level 2 (6,992 XP)
  • Groovy level 1 (5,087 XP)
  • JavaScript level 1 (4,142 XP)
  • Properties level 1 (2,997 XP)
  • PHP level 1 (2,796 XP)
  • SQL (PostgreSQL) level 1 (2,660 XP)
  • XML level 1 (2,601 XP)
  • HTML level 1 (2,400 XP)
  • SCSS level 1 (2,190 XP)

Total XP by day of year

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31
Jan 5k 2k 7k 5k 8k 7k 9k 5k 5k 6k 8k 4k 907 2k 4k 5k 5k 1k 2k 7k 5k 2k 2k 3k 4k 3k 996 130 978 2k 3k
Feb 6k 6k 3k 6k 5k 9k 3k 6k 4k 5k 10k 7k 2k 4k 2k 2k 7k 2k 6k 3k 4k 5k 3k 4k 1k 5k 6k 5k 0
Mar 6k 5k 3k 7k 12k 4k 7k 5k 5k 3k 4k 8k 8k 15k 11k 10k 9k 8k 7k 6k 8k 5k 9k 8k 6k 10k 7k 5k 13k 7k 5k
Apr 6k 7k 12k 10k 7k 9k 13k 11k 8k 10k 16k 10k 11k 13k 6k 6k 10k 8k 13k 5k 5k 3k 8k 9k 2k 13k 6k 4k 9k 7k
May 7k 6k 2k 8k 4k 4k 4k 12k 4k 6k 11k 5k 11k 6k 6k 11k 13k 10k 10k 8k 6k 10k 10k 10k 5k 4k 5k 6k 4k 3k 6k
Jun 10k 5k 4k 5k 5k 5k 6k 6k 8k 5k 9k 7k 6k 5k 8k 2k 6k 4k 5k 5k 4k 3k 2k 5k 7k 4k 8k 5k 5k 10k
Jul 1k 4k 11k 9k 5k 2k 3k 7k 5k 5k 8k 11k 12k 6k 7k 5k 8k 4k 4k 2k 2k 3k 1k 5k 5k 5k 10k 4k 3k 1k 3k
Aug 1k 3k 7k 5k 6k 6k 4k 6k 6k 7k 2k 4k 2k 6k 5k 8k 8k 4k 3k 7k 3k 5k 4k 5k 4k 2k 6k 4k 7k 6k 9k
Sep 4k 515 1k 3k 6k 6k 5k 4k 9k 6k 7k 6k 10k 11k 10k 4k 2k 7k 10k 10k 4k 4k 5k 1k 3k 4k 8k 5k 6k 5k
Oct 6k 9k 10k 10k 6k 2k 6k 2k 9k 6k 4k 8k 11k 11k 10k 9k 9k 10k 10k 7k 5k 7k 6k 7k 7k 5k 3k 3k 11k 7k 4k
Nov 5k 7k 2k 2k 2k 3k 5k 2k 3k 3k 1k 3k 2k 2k 5k 1k 4k 1k 2k 4k 4k 3k 4k 4k 4k 2k 2k 3k 737 3k
Dec 1k 4k 2k 1k 4k 2k 4k 1k 1k 4k 3k 5k 7k 2k 4k 3k 2k 4k 3k 6k 6k 3k 6k 3k 6k 12k 3k 5k 3k 948 4k

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142 flows


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141 flows



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15 flows


Terminal (Zsh)

7 flows

Flow score means percentage of all XP for language acquired in flow state.

Most prolific hours of the day

({x:[ {h:"00",x:52380}, {h:"01",x:15778}, {h:"02",x:4918}, {h:"03",x:2143}, {h:"04",x:1471}, {h:"05",x:1317}, {h:"06",x:5476}, {h:"07",x:10791}, {h:"08",x:19792}, {h:"09",x:58843}, {h:"10",x:125676}, {h:"11",x:171912}, {h:"12",x:108284}, {h:"13",x:115401}, {h:"14",x:188835}, {h:"15",x:243583}, {h:"16",x:279234}, {h:"17",x:243272}, {h:"18",x:127673}, {h:"19",x:38311}, {h:"20",x:55093}, {h:"21",x:108060}, {h:"22",x:130903}, {h:"23",x:103891}, ] , f:[ {h:"00",m:1448}, {h:"01",m:490}, {h:"02",m:162}, {h:"03",m:112}, {h:"04",m:54}, {h:"05",m:21}, {h:"06",m:88}, {h:"07",m:147}, {h:"08",m:283}, {h:"09",m:1024}, {h:"10",m:2256}, {h:"11",m:3394}, {h:"12",m:2240}, {h:"13",m:2749}, {h:"14",m:3746}, {h:"15",m:5424}, {h:"16",m:5369}, {h:"17",m:4876}, {h:"18",m:2870}, {h:"19",m:967}, {h:"20",m:1209}, {h:"21",m:2729}, {h:"22",m:3730}, {h:"23",m:3038}, ] })
A flow state is defined as a streak of programming, lasting for at least 20 minutes, with pauses that last at most 5 minutes, and gaining at least 10 XP per minute.