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Level 51 (4,217,653 XP)

PHP level 36 (2,183,258 XP)

JavaScript level 22 (809,794 XP)

Vue level 16 (419,932 XP)

Plain text level 10 (185,225 XP)

TypeScript level 10 (183,206 XP)

Markdown level 8 (115,980 XP)

C level 8 (111,214 XP)

Vue template level 4 (32,571 XP)

YAML level 4 (31,420 XP)

C++ level 4 (28,411 XP)


PHPStormzzz level 43 (3,058,897 XP)

Visual Studio Code level 17 (473,577 XP)

VSCinsiders level 16 (450,962 XP)

IntelliJ level 8 (105,904 XP)

Atomzzz level 6 (71,177 XP)

IDEA level 5 (51,081 XP)

Webstorm level 1 (5,766 XP)

VSCodium level 0 (120 XP)

PyCharm level 0 (98 XP)

CLion level 0 (71 XP)

Other languages

  • Shell Script level 3 (23,681 XP)
  • CSS level 3 (20,068 XP)
  • HTML level 3 (16,915 XP)
  • Java level 2 (12,555 XP)
  • JSON level 2 (10,187 XP)
  • firerules level 1 (5,832 XP)
  • Spacebars level 1 (4,921 XP)
  • Less level 1 (4,918 XP)
  • Log level 1 (2,793 XP)
  • XML level 1 (2,588 XP)

Total XP by day of year

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31
Jan 8k 9k 9k 7k 21k 11k 13k 21k 28k 21k 16k 21k 28k 29k 12k 20k 29k 20k 12k 23k 11k 18k 12k 18k 7k 14k 5k 8k 27k 13k 7k
Feb 9k 6k 10k 10k 17k 4k 10k 14k 5k 9k 12k 7k 14k 6k 5k 6k 3k 8k 14k 2k 15k 13k 13k 17k 30k 36k 22k 7k 0
Mar 11k 4k 16k 19k 15k 9k 10k 18k 26k 15k 14k 9k 6k 13k 10k 13k 3k 12k 13k 15k 23k 10k 12k 21k 5k 22k 7k 4k 11k 6k 14k
Apr 12k 5k 8k 7k 5k 14k 7k 11k 8k 14k 13k 6k 7k 4k 4k 5k 11k 10k 4k 4k 6k 4k 5k 7k 6k 5k 6k 13k 2k 6k
May 7k 7k 19k 11k 1k 8k 8k 6k 6k 7k 7k 15k 9k 4k 4k 0 2k 6k 3k 11k 8k 11k 6k 10k 8k 6k 12k 9k 13k 10k 23k
Jun 8k 15k 15k 9k 3k 12k 20k 14k 8k 14k 18k 17k 7k 5k 7k 8k 14k 17k 12k 8k 3k 4k 9k 7k 12k 7k 4k 9k 16k 8k
Jul 5k 4k 9k 0 2k 5k 14k 9k 6k 5k 2k 7k 9k 5k 9k 9k 13k 11k 10k 6k 5k 13k 13k 11k 4k 20k 16k 9k 18k 10k 12k
Aug 7k 4k 8k 5k 3k 8k 14k 11k 10k 4k 8k 8k 10k 8k 5k 6k 5k 11k 9k 10k 13k 10k 21k 22k 6k 9k 9k 23k 5k 8k 13k
Sep 7k 12k 9k 5k 10k 7k 19k 7k 8k 11k 8k 7k 5k 12k 3k 8k 2k 8k 16k 10k 7k 8k 15k 6k 11k 18k 15k 16k 15k 17k
Oct 20k 22k 17k 10k 25k 15k 18k 22k 40k 27k 32k 18k 15k 32k 15k 14k 20k 14k 15k 10k 23k 15k 13k 26k 10k 5k 15k 14k 12k 18k 7k
Nov 15k 5k 2k 8k 8k 4k 9k 11k 11k 3k 9k 13k 19k 20k 12k 3k 2k 9k 7k 23k 7k 10k 7k 1k 12k 9k 1k 7k 10k 1k
Dec 7k 10k 4k 15k 9k 12k 13k 17k 18k 14k 10k 30k 12k 22k 8k 10k 17k 8k 1k 10k 4k 15k 19k 4k 1k 9k 12k 14k 13k 13k 9k

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7 h 16 m

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639 flows



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162 flows



89 flows


Plain text

49 flows



44 flows


Vue template

37 flows



26 flows



22 flows

Flow score means percentage of all XP for language acquired in flow state.

Most prolific hours of the day

({x:[ {h:"00",x:61704}, {h:"01",x:38178}, {h:"02",x:24406}, {h:"03",x:16061}, {h:"04",x:9325}, {h:"05",x:4598}, {h:"06",x:3380}, {h:"07",x:632}, {h:"08",x:2693}, {h:"09",x:44119}, {h:"10",x:111710}, {h:"11",x:212044}, {h:"12",x:311441}, {h:"13",x:336105}, {h:"14",x:396469}, {h:"15",x:425592}, {h:"16",x:490236}, {h:"17",x:485670}, {h:"18",x:417808}, {h:"19",x:312220}, {h:"20",x:196203}, {h:"21",x:145490}, {h:"22",x:92565}, {h:"23",x:79004}, ] , f:[ {h:"00",m:1218}, {h:"01",m:815}, {h:"02",m:433}, {h:"03",m:276}, {h:"04",m:141}, {h:"05",m:18}, {h:"06",m:63}, {h:"08",m:48}, {h:"09",m:497}, {h:"10",m:1349}, {h:"11",m:3318}, {h:"12",m:4772}, {h:"13",m:5079}, {h:"14",m:6130}, {h:"15",m:6854}, {h:"16",m:8461}, {h:"17",m:8181}, {h:"18",m:6979}, {h:"19",m:4701}, {h:"20",m:3039}, {h:"21",m:2688}, {h:"22",m:1779}, {h:"23",m:1326}, ] })
A flow state is defined as a streak of programming, lasting for at least 20 minutes, with pauses that last at most 5 minutes, and gaining at least 10 XP per minute.